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What is Google AdSense? Learn more about Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an Internet-based advertising agency run by Google itself. The process of making money using ads on blogs and websites is AdSense, Google AdSense is the biggest and most popular way to make money through advertising.

We who are outsourcing or freelancing all know more or less about Google AdSense. Like other countries in the world, Bangladeshis and various bloggers earn good amount of money through Google AdSense. Many people monetize their blogs through Google AdSense. They monetize their YouTube channel and earn money from it.

Today’s article is –

1) What is Google AdSense?

2) How does Google AdSense work?

3) Why you can not earn a good amount of AdSense.

4) How much can you earn from Google AdSense?

What is Google AdSense: –

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a very effective and the world’s largest online advertising network through which the world’s largest bloggers and webmasters monetize and earn money.

How Google AdSense works: –

How Google AdSense works

This is a very simple method, with various ads on your website or blog site through Google AdSense, between these ads and a certain amount of money or dollars per click, i.e. to monetize your blog site or website or YouTube channel. Then you can earn money through Google AdSense ads.

How Much Money Can You Make From AdSense – No

one can say exactly how much you can earn per day or every month through AdSense, it all depends on your site visitors and clicks The more visitors, the more clicks.

Why you can’t make a good amount of money from AdSense: –

Why you can't make a good amount

Suppose you have a blog site or a website and monetized by adding AdSense, but your site is not making much money, why?

There can be many reasons for this, some of the reasons are mentioned below,

1) There are not enough posts on your site.

2) The quality of the post is not good.

3) The number of visitors to your site is very low.

4) You do not update your blog like time.

5) Most of the visitors to your site are Asian (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistan) so you are not getting CPC and CTR at all.

How much can you earn from Google AdSense?

How much can you earn from Google AdSense?

You can earn a good amount of money from Google AdSense. Google AdSense pay good amount for High CPC keyword or Country.


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