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What is backlinks and few wrong decisions.

Just how important backlinks are to SEO is not the end of the story. Most of the traffic to a website comes from the backlinks created for that website. In fact, backlinks are the main tool for off-page SEO. That is why I have brought it for you


What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link to your site that is published or placed on another site as a representative of your site and this adds a link to your site with that site so that the visitor of that site can easily visit your site using that link!

There are usually two types of backlinks:

1) Do-follow backlinks 2) No-follow backlinks

Note: Do-follow backlinks are more effective than no-follow backlinks when considering the results.

Quality backlinks and right

placing backlinks to your site on any site that is on the path is complete misinformation that will get visitors to your site or get the desired visitors. Those who think that backlinks are SEOs are usually the carriers of this misinformation. Simply put, this is devastating SEO work that can lower the quality of your site.

Now, after my writing, a question may arise in the minds of newcomers, and that is – “If I could not establish a backlink to my site on another site, then where will we get that specific number of visitors?”

My answer for them is –

brother, none of you forbade backlinking. However, when you set up backlinks, you need to make sure that the quality of the backlinks you have created is correct or that the quality is backlinks!

What are quality backlinks?

Generally speaking, the site on which you create backlinks for your site is related to your site, then it will be quality or quality backlinks. For example,

suppose you have a site dealing with a legal subject matter. Now if you want to get any backlinks for your site then you must do it in any legal-related blog, forum, website, etc. Because it is normal for people to visit legal related sites to know about legal issues. Then if you have backlinks to that site, there is a possibility of visitors coming to your site. This is called quality backlink or quality backlink.


Now think about it, if you were backlinking to a site for your site where there was nothing legal, would you get potential visitors for your site? The answer is now up to you. 1 quality backlink is better than 100 normal backlinks.



Your idea is all wrong. In the

In the world of SEO, almost everyone, old and new, makes a common but fatal mistake. Instead of quality backlinks, they build links wherever they want, creating a mountain of links but zero results. . Even if the result was zero, there was a point, because then the matter becomes such that your loneliness is gone cool and gone.


The question may arise later in the mind that – “What is the secret? I understand that the result will be zero but why go to Ekul Okul? ”

The fact of the matter is that when you link to Uradhura (pure Bengali), you will not get the desired visitor. As a result, your site will no longer be found in the Google search engine. Now you understand, why will 2 cool-e will go?

I would say a big

a mistake is a “big mistake” because the above mistakes are usually made by the old ones and the current ones are made by the old ones and the new ones are made more by the old ones, even some claimed SEO experts make these mistakes effortlessly.

All that has been discussed so far is just to point out this mistake and help you understand.

Usually, the first thing that is done during backlink placement and link building camping is the backlink analysis of the competitor. After doing this we get 2 ideas and it is a hole.

1) What is the working procedure of all my competitors?

2) How will my work be?

When we take these two ideas, we sometimes think,

“When the competitor is campaigning for backlinks to his site, so we have to follow their path directly, then we do not have to bother to analyze.” Because they must have acted in such a way as to get the expected results, now if I imitate their work completely, who will stop me, the result is definitely good. ”

If such a thing comes to mind then keep in mind that you are going to be a traveler of that extraordinary wrong path. Now the question may arise in your mind again, and that is the hole – “To survive in the competition, will I follow the competitors or will I follow the competitors of the unique ones?”

That is not the case. Suppose you make antiseptic soap. In this case, your competitor will be another soap manufacturing company. Now maybe your competitors make antiseptic or beauty soaps or any other soap. In this case, when you go to promote your soap, will it be the same as your competitor? If you engage in promotions like your competitors, be 100% sure that your customers will not accept your promotions because people always want something new, and customers are already accustomed to such promotions and in some cases frustrated or annoyed. Now if you use your

experience to promote your soap among those competitors in a new way, then it must be universally accepted and qualified to survive in the market and you will definitely benefit from it.

Note: Remember one thing, your site, and your competitor’s site are in the same category, but not the same. There must be enough differences between the two sites that you have to keep in mind!

We will follow competitors not only to imitate them but also to come up with new ideas about their work. One of the benefits we can get from competitors is to

  • find new directories that weren’t on our listings before.
  • Find new authoritative sites for writing articles and link building on your own.
  • We can find different resource pages to link or add to our site.
  • Find the inequality of linking.
  • I can find the mistakes of the competitors.

After all, the only reason we can get ideas from a competitor’s site is that we can’t find theories, not instructions!

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