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The best 6 ways to earn money from Facebook page

When you are counting the number of likes on Facebook, someone else may be earning thousands of dollars from the Facebook page. For many of us, Facebook is just a way to get to know new people, make friends or socialize with relatives. But there are many people who are making money by using Facebook pages and are expanding their business.


You know the income that can be made from Facebook. What you may not know is how to make money. Letting you know those ways will show you the way to earn money from your Facebook page.

Here are 7 best ways to earn money from Facebook page for

fun or to have fun with friends. And you are surprised to see that the likes on your created page are increasing day by day, new Facebook users are being added. But there is more to Facebook than just having fun and having fun. In particular, you can certainly benefit in many ways by using a Facebook page effectively.

In addition to promoting your own business, this Facebook page can be a great source of income for you. There are many ways to make money from Facebook. However, you can learn more about how to make money through this Facebook page from this article. Before that, first learn how to create a Facebook page.

Create a Facebook page and increase the likes by

first clicking on this link from your own Facebook Audi. Then you will get 2 options called Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. Now if you want to open a page for business, click on the first one and open the page with the name of your choice on the next page.


Now it’s your turn to sort your page. Add the page on which topic, that topic related picture to profile and cover photo.

Invite friends to your page for likes. Share the page with other pages or groups. Post well regularly.

And now find out the best 6 ways to earn money from Facebook page.

1. The income by sharing the link on the Facebook page

Many times you will notice, there are some websites when downloading a file, which shows ads for 10 or 5 seconds and the file can be downloaded after watching the ad. In fact, even if it wastes 5-10 seconds, the owner of the website earns some money in this gap. This is called link shortening. You can earn good money by shortening the link. Here are some of the popular links to earnings


shortlist Shortest AdFLy Link Bucks

I am currently giving some idea about popular and trusted website

Account opening rules, like all other websites, you will register with the information you need. Will not click on your link. So you can store any software, books or anything that people need in Google Drive or any other free cloud stores by going to and shortening that link.

Share the shortened link on your Facebook page. Do not share the link directly, specify what you can get by clicking on this link. Remember, you will not get money just by sharing the link, you must click on the link. With 1,000 clicks, you’ll get about ১৫ 15 a month. The more links you create, the more revenue you will get. If you click on 10 links with 1,000, you will get about 150 dollars or 12,450 rupees per month.

2. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Page 

is the process of making money by promoting other people’s products or services. Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s products and taking commissions on the exchange of each product. Basically affiliate marketing is done by opening a website or blog. However, you can also earn money by affiliate marketing on your Facebook page.

This method works just like selling your own product. Instead of just adding links to your products here, you need to share their affiliate link where you registered.

Almost all e-commerce websites offer affiliate marketing. One of them is the popular website of affiliate marketing –

Amazon eBay Click Bank Flipkart.

First you have to register with your Facebook page from the affiliate marketing website. Then pick the relevant products like choices for your fans.

Share the affiliate link from your Facebook page. When someone buys a product by clicking on the link, you will receive a certain amount of commission for each product sold. The more products you purchase from your product link, the higher your commission will be.

Here are some tips to help you make more money from Facebook pages through affiliate marketing-make sure your affiliates are interested in the affiliate products you choose, and whether they relate to the main theme of your page. For example, you have opened a Facebook page called Women Fashion but are sharing links to various products related to boys fashion. As a result, naturally you will not be able to sell the desired product.

Do not share the link found directly from the affiliate site. Share the link with a short but interesting description and an interesting picture. Always keep an eye on the comment box on your page. See how fans react to the product. If fans react negatively to your shared product and comment on what kind of product they like, try to pick the product they like. This method should be used if you have at least 1000 active fans or likes on your Facebook page.

3. Income through F-Commerce on Facebook Page

Surely you are thinking ‘F-Commerce’ What is this thing again? No worries, it’s just like e-commerce. F-commerce is a part of social marketing. Basically, the marketing that is done through Facebook is called F-Commerce. The funny thing is that in the case of e-commerce you need a very good quality website and a lot more advertising to promote the website.

But in the case of F-Commerce there is no such problem. Many people can’t do business like e-commerce because of the high cost. The easiest way for them is F-Commerce.

Facebook has about 300 million users, of which there are 2.5 crore in Bangladesh. So you don’t have to worry too much about the buyer. You can easily make a profit through F-Commerce if you can provide quality and customer-friendly products.

Here are some tips from F-Commerce: First set a target, i.e. what kind of product you will sell and for whom you will sell the product. Put quality and exceptional products on the preferred list. But start with any one product, keeping in mind what kind of product is in demand in the market.

Since Facebook is a great medium of communication for many people, the number of users is much higher. So if you want, you can easily sell your handicraft or cottage products. By sharing the handicrafts on Facebook, the buyer can see the products directly at home and buy as per his choice. Also, try to increase the likes of the page gradually. You can post something different to increase the likes.

If you have a Facebook page with household items, then you can post with household tips if you want. Above all, try to share your Facebook page everywhere. Fiverr gig sell Facebook page

who worked in a freelancing marketplace, they heard Fiverr. If you want to promote your gig on Facebook, then of course Facebook is the best medium. So if you want, you can share your fiber gigs on your Facebook page.

4. Facebook page promoting your own blogs, and earn

Google AdSense ads on your blog If you want to get more visitors to your blog will be. And the easiest way to bring in more visitors is Facebook. You can easily bring visitors by sharing every post written on your blog on Facebook page. Your blog will always be active by promoting your blog on Facebook.

5. Earnings from selling Facebook pages

First you need to create a Facebook page. At the same time you need to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page. To increase likes, you must post good quality posts on your page. If the number of likes on your page increases, you can sell your page online if you want. There are two websites that offer online sales.


 6. Earnings from sharing sponsored content

are sometimes more important than video ads or written ads than graphical ads. There are companies and organizations that pay to post their services or products on Facebook. There are many new websites that pay to promote their website by posting on Facebook. You can also earn money by writing reviews of their products.

However, there are some international websites that pay for sponsored content. In this case you can use the following two sites:

Distribute11Viral9 Summary

In addition to these 6 ways to earn money from Facebook page, there are many more ways to earn money. Bloggers and internet marketers in particular have many opportunities to earn money directly from Facebook pages. For now, you can start with these.


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