Ways to recognize fake online shopping sites

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in a busy life. According to a new study by consumer credit reporting agency Experian, the incidence of online shopping fraud is on the rise, with a 30 percent increase from 2016 to 2017.

Foreign IP Address

We are not saying that foreign IP websites means fake. However, foreign IP websites are more risky than domestic IP websites. According to Experian, China and Venezuela-based websites are more risky when it comes to online shopping.


Unsolicited Domain Name

Experience advises that it is important to pay close attention to the domain name before entering a website. Isn’t this the name you’re looking for? Or is it a little different or a lot more different?

For example, if you want to shop from Pandora Jewelry, it can be done through Google search on a website called pandorapick.com. This website probably sells imitation jewelry that looks like Pandora’s. Therefore, take a good look at the domain name, so that you do not fall into the clutches of fraud.

Before purchasing from an e-commerce site that lacks ‘https’ to ‘s’ in the URL, make sure the URL starts with ‘https’, not ‘http’. ‘s’ means secure. That is, the information you enter on this website from your browser will go directly to this website, there is no other third party. So shop from e-commerce sites with URLs starting with ‘https’ and not ‘http’.

Do not reply to any such link if you receive an e-mail or a popup message asking for your personal and financial information while browsing a shopping site while browsing the site for financial information. Leave that website immediately. Legitimate organizations will never want to know information like this.


There may be suffering, look at the words

When you are thinking that you are going to buy something online, you must observe all the information of the seller very well. Whether there are any words in the product of your choice, such as ‘refurbished’, ‘vintage’ or ‘closed-out’. Such terms mean that the product is a used product that has not been repaired and is not in new condition.

Incredible offers

Don’t get excited about a product and buy it at a very low price compared to other websites. Or any incredible offer. Because in such cases the product may be defective or may be a scam.


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