The vanish mode of Facebook Messenger will delete the message automatically

Inspired by the huge popularity of the Snapchat Story feature, the Facebook authorities added the Story feature to Facebook as well as Instagram and WhatsApp. In addition to the story, another popular feature of Snapchat is the vanishing message. This means that whenever you leave the inbox while chatting with someone, all the messages in the chat will vanish, that is, completely deleted. Facebook has also added a similar feature to Messenger.

The Vanishing Mode feature has already United States and some countries Facebook moved into the accounts of Messenger users in the. The feature is also coming to Instagram very soon.

In a blog announcing the Vanish Mode feature, post Messenger Product Manager, Bridget Puzzles and Instagram’s Product Manager, Manic Singh said that using Vanish Mode, users can immediately forget anything meaningless or non-sensible after sending a message. As a result, the letter does not have to be embarrassed as it is stored in the message inbox.

However, any forgotten message cannot be hidden by vanish mode. If you do not want your message to be forwarded or never become a topic later, then the vanish mode can come in handy.

ফেসবুক মেসেঞ্জারের ভ্যানিশ মোড নিজ থেকেই মেসেজ মুছে ফেলবে

Rules for turning on vanish mode

turning on vanish mode It is very easy to turn on vanish mode. To turn on Vanish mode in any chat in Messenger, swipe from the bottom to the top of the chat box to turn on the Vanish mode.

Vanishing mode can be turned off by swiping upwards in the same way after finishing a useful or useless conversation. After turning off the vanish mode, all the messages and pictures shared while the vanish mode is on will be deleted.

Security of Vanish mode

Venice Mod Enough to ensure maximum Venice mode Facebook authorities are doing. Only those who are connected to you in Messenger can use Vanish mode to chat with you. Which means no one in Messenger will be able to message you using Vanish mode.

Also, whether someone wants to use it after turning on the vanish mode is up to you.

Apart from these, there is also a screenshot notification feature in vanish mode. In other words, if you take a screenshot of the message sent in vanish mode, Facebook will inform the user on the other side through a notification.

If you don’t feel like a conversation during the Vanish mode chat, there’s also the benefit of blocking the person. Conversations can also be reported.


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