Best 15 Hidden Features of Google Chrome

Although there are currently many apps for mobile browsing, Chrome dominates the mobile browsing market as well as computers. As a product of Google, Google Chrome has advanced features from other web browser apps.

Let’s find out, Google Chrome app has 15 great features that will enhance your mobile browsing experience in everyday life.

1. Change tabs via swipe 

To move from one tab to another in Chrome, you usually have to click on the tab and then save the intentional tab. The process can be called time consuming. However, in the case of changing tabs, using a common gesture can get rid of this problem. You can go to the previous and next tabs of the current tab by swiping left or right in the address bar. Also swiping down from the address bar will show all the opened tabs.

2. Dark Mode

Like all other Android or iOS apps, Google Chrome also has Integrated Dark Mode. To turn on Dark Mode in-

  • Chrome Log in to the Chrome App
  • Go to the three-dot menu on top right / bottom corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down to find the Theme section and enter
  • Dark Option Chrome will run in Dark Mode

3. Lite Mode

Your Internet If the pack is limited, then Google Chrome’s Lite mode will come in handy. This feature saves up to 70% of data when browsing Chrome. To turn on the light mode in-

  • Chrome Enter the Chrome app and enter the three dot menu in the top right / bottom corner. Enter the
  • option in Settings.
  • Toggle the Duke switch in Lite mode section to turn on the light mode.

4. Website Shortcuts

Like any app on the phone Website shortcut icons can be added to the home screen using Chrome. To add a website’s shortcut to the home screen –

  • Open the Chrome app and enter the site. Enter the the
  • three-dot menu on top right / bottom corner. Select the
  • Add To Home screen option and click on the Add button with the name of the shortcut. The shortcut will go to the home screen.

5. Parallel Download

Something in Chrome doesn’t get good download time? You can try this advanced feature called parallel downloading. Parallel to start downloading Chrome –

  • Chrome app into the address bar chrome: // flags press Enter, type
  • page will appear in the search bar and Parallel Downloading search by entering
  • can that option from the options the day Enable
  • displayed on notice parallel to the Chrome app if Relaunch Downloading will be activated

6. Translate

Recently, the translate feature has been added to all webpages in Chrome. For real-time translation of a webpage, enter the site and enter the Translate option from the three-dot menu in the top right / bottom corner of the Chrome app. Using the Translate feature you can translate any webpage into any language you wish. 

7. Desktop sites

Certain content of some websites is only displayed on the computer. Many people cannot enjoy the benefits of sites without computers. However, Chrome users can use the desktop version of any website on mobile. The desktop version of Chrome on mobile view on a website –

  • Open the Chrome app, enter the desired website
  • from the three-dot menu  Desktop Site is

8. Quick Search

enabled, the most important features of Chrome called Quick Search features. This feature allows you to quickly search for any website using any text on that site. In this method, you don’t have to search by copying and pasting the text separately. To search with any text, the options will be displayed by tapping and holding the desired text on the part of the screen. If you select the useful text and click on Web Search from the options, the search result obtained by that text will be displayed. 

9. Quick Tab Close To

quickly close a tab, just tap and hold the tab button next to the address bar. Use the Close Tab option.

10. Home button settings change

. However, you can change the settings of the home button if you want, even remove it completely. HOME button to change settings –

  • Chrome app, enter the three-dot menu in Settings to go to
  • the bottom of the Homepage section, enter the
  • displayed pages from your Home button’s Web address changes, as well as close to it as you can

11. Page saved as PDF

chrome You can save any webpage as a PDF using To save a website as a PDF –

  • Open the webpage in the Chrome app
  • Select the Share option from three-dot menu Select
  • Print Select If you on the
  • click the Select Printer option displayed page you will see the Save as PDF option

12. Zoom

on some websites Some websites cannot be zoomed. All websites to zoom feature to turn on –

  • Chrome app of the three-dot menu by using the Settings enter the
  • Accessibility section, enter the
  • Force Enable Zoom option, tick mark

13 Quick scrolling

a page-specific section to scroll to the Settings menu in the Find In Page option Can.

14 Audio auto-play off

When you enter some websites, the sound starts playing automatically. If you want to get out of this situation -from

  • enter the Settings section Chrome’s three-dot menu
  • , scroll down, enter the Site Settings, enter the
  • Sound section and turn off the sound. 

15 Search Engine Modifications

After downloading, Chrome is added to Google as the default search engine. However, search engine users can change if they want. To change the search engine in Google Chrome – From

  • the three-dot menu of the app, go to Settings.
  • Enter the Search Engine section at the beginning of the Basics section
  • . Also, in a separate section called Recently Visited, you will have the option to use the recently visited sites as a search engine

. Which app do you use for mobile browsing? Let us know in the comments section.


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