Largest 5 Smartphone Companies in The World

There are many small and big companies in the world who have been making smartphones. The names of most of the organizations may be unknown except for a few. However, there are some companies that are gaining worldwide reputation due to their production, product quality, branding, business policy.

India Stress Researchers has compiled a list of the world’s largest smartphone makers by 2020. In the light of the research, the details of the 5 smartphone manufacturers were highlighted.


1. Samsung

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The name of the smartphone maker Samsung has come up at the beginning of the list. Samsung is a world leader in the smartphone industry. The company has been making high-medium and low range phones keeping in view the customer demand. The latest version of Samsung is the Galaxy S9. As a top brand, the company has a 20 percent market share.

At the end of the year, Samsung’s unit shipping stood at 315 million, profit at 18,946 million and sales of 1,60,625 million.


2. Apple

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Apple is the second largest smartphone maker in the world. Basically the company is at the top of choice among people all over the world because of their exceptional design and featured products. As of December 2017, Apple has 499 sales centers in 22 countries around the world. The company introduced the first generation iPhone in 2006.

Apple’s unit shipping this year is  215 million, dividends are  48,351 million and sales are  229,234 million.


3. Huawei 

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Huawei has one of the best innovation hubs in the world. Huawei currently operates its own operating system in more than 180 countries. As the world’s first smartphone company, Huawei introduced Leica triple camera P20 and P20 Pro phones in 2016. The invention of the high resolution camera has established the company as the single top brand.

Dividends in the 152 million units shipped in 2020 stood at  8,790 million and sales stood at 8,748.


4. Oppo

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Over the years, Apo has brought their smartphones to the market considering the customer’s demand and affordability. Apo has already established a strong position in the smartphone market. Modern marketing campaigns and branding of high quality products have made them the top smartphone companies.

This year, the company shifted 111 million units and received a dividend of 1,400 million US dollars. Where the amount of sale was 60 thousand US dollars.


5. Vivo

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In the first half of 2017, Vivo came to the market with 10.6 percent. Vivo is the first Android phone with a notch display like Apple’s iPhone X. Vivo is in fifth place with a shift of 95 million units. Their profit is one thousand 125 million US dollars and the sales amount is 48 thousand 484 US dollars.


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