What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing:

Nowadays, everyone, young and old, is familiar with Facebook. It is very easy to gain recognition and spread by marketing products using this Facebook. The business that develops using Facebook is called F-Commerce.


Let me say one thing here. Many people understand marketing to mean shopping. In fact, marketing is not about shopping. So what does marketing mean?


Marketing in simple Bengali means campaign. In other words, marketing is about making a customer interested in buying a product by describing its qualities.


Facebook marketing is basically digital marketing. Although this marketing has already gained a lot of popularity, it has gained a lot more popularity and acceptance than before due to the Corona epidemic. 


Because of the epidemic, everyone is using Facebook to sell products at home, and because it is relatively easy and readily available, many people have become interested in Facebook marketing. As a result, many people are becoming new entrepreneurs by adopting Facebook marketing.


There are two ways to market on this Facebook: paid and unpaid. For those who run the page or group, they are already familiar with it and for those who are not familiar, I am talking in detail. There is an option called Boost on the Facebook page. The promotion of your page’s product for a certain period of time against a certain amount of dollars will reach your intended or desired target customer. 


By chatting on different pages and groups, it is possible to do unpaid marketing with product pictures on your wall and story. There is no better group for our unpaid marketing than Wei. The decision to use the opportunity or not is entirely yours.


Facebook marketing is the most popular way to boost your business online. In this article, you will know Facebook’s marketing strategy.

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