How to transfer photos from Facebook to Google Photos

More or less all Facebook users upload regular photos to Facebook. If you want to download an uploaded photo from Facebook in high quality later, it is not possible directly.

If you download a photo from Facebook, it will always be downloaded in low quality. In this case, you can transfer all the photos to Google Photos for high-quality download and download from there in high quality.


Again, you may have been uploading photos to Facebook for a long time and now the original copy of those photos has been deleted from your device. In this case, too, you can transfer the copy of all the photos uploaded on Facebook to Google Photos and take it to your phone.

So whatever the reason, if you want to transfer all the photos uploaded to your Facebook profile to Google Photos in high quality, then you can follow this article.


Since the mobile app is more used for using Facebook, I will show all the steps from the Facebook mobile app. You can also transfer the uploaded photos from desktop Facebook to Google Photos by following the same steps.


So first open Facebook, enter the settings and scroll down to see there is an option called “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos” in the “Your Facebook Information” section.


Now you can ask for your password to confirm your identity, if you want, continue with the password. Then select Google Photos as the destination of the photo transfer and click on the Next button.


Now you need to sign in to the Google account to which you want to transfer the photos or select the account to which you want to transfer the photos if you have already signed in to the browser.


If you sign in to the account, you will ask Google for permission to add a new Facebook photo library to the account, you must grant permission.


After all, when you connect to your Google account, you need to confirm the photo transfer. Just click the Confirm Transfer button to confirm. Only then will copies of your Facebook photos be transferred to Google Photos.


It will take some time to transfer. However, once the transfer starts, you will be able to log out of Facebook, because the photos will be transferred directly from Facebook to your Google account, it has nothing to do with your phone.

If the photos are transferred, the album will be created in Google Photos under the same names as the photo album on Facebook. And the date of the photos will be the date on which you uploaded the photo to Facebook.


If you have backup and sync on your Google Photos app, you will soon see the photos in your Google Photos app as well. And if you do not have the Google Photos app, you can go to the website to see the photos and view or download them as needed.


So, friends, this was today’s post, I hope it will come in handy someday. If you like the post, please let us know in the comments section, thank you.

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